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How did this global car-sharing company save thousands of dollars … and a week's worth of headaches?

Metavera once spent over 75 hours finding a single hire, only to have that person quit after 6 weeks. Metavera turned to Stafflink to find a replacement:

After in-depth interviews with four other staffing firms — I chose Stafflink. 2 Reasons: time and money … They did not disappoint. Within one week Stafflink had a re-hire in place, allowing us to remain focused on our core competencies. As you can imagine, our total savings were thousands of dollars. – Metavera founder and president, Tony Simopoulos

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  • See how our Stafflink recruiters uncover the most difficult-to-find passive job candidates
  • Follow along with our visual guide and learn how to build your own boolean search strings
  • Copy and modify our example search strings to create your own candidate searches
  • Learn search strings to find candidates on blogs, portfolios, Github and Youtube

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