Stafflink Case Studies

Stafflink helped this global car-sharing company save thousands of dollars … and a week's worth of headaches

Metavera once spent over 75 hours finding a single hire, only to have that person quit after 6 weeks. Metavera turned to Stafflink to find a replacement:

After in-depth interviews with four other staffing firms — I chose Stafflink. 2 Reasons: time and money … They did not disappoint. Within one week Stafflink had a re-hire in place, allowing us to remain focused on our core competencies. As you can imagine, our total savings were thousands of dollars. - Metavera founder and president, Tony Simopoulos

Stafflink helps Seneca College staff a critical project during a major holiday

Seneca College of Applied Arts and TechnologyIt was December and 25,000 Seneca College students were preparing for time off during the holiday season … and IT staff was preparing for a major hardware/software conversion.

Now, with only three weeks to go, they were down to the wire. Time was running out. Two short–term contractors were required for three weeks. And those 2 people had to be up to speed in 3 days time!

It was a tight timeline, at a busy time of year.

"Getting the technical help we needed, “that fast,” at the busiest time of year was magical … thanks Stafflink!"
- Roy Hart, Chief Technology Officer, Seneca College

Timewyse: How we got 100% satisfaction on our new app rollout with IT staff we can count on

Case Study: Timewyse engages Stafflink for their Rememory App projectTimewyse President Keith Beckley faced a big challenge getting to the production step for their Rememory iPhone app because their in-house team did not have the skill sets needed for this particular project.

Here’s what Beckley had to say:

“I’d considered other agencies… but someone in my network referred me to Stafflink.”

“Stafflink came through for me … finding the right skill sets matched with the right people to come on board permanently.”

“Within a couple of days, Stafflink would provide me with multiple candidates to be interviewed. One or two were acceptable in every group of candidates provided.”

- Keith Beckly, Visionary, Timewyse

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