Kunal Gupta

Kunal Gupta

Mobile Media Visionary, Champion of Young Entrepreneurs

Kunal Gupta, CEO of Polar Mobile and Founder of the Impact Entrepreneurship Group

Kunal Gupta, CEO of Polar Mobile, Founder of the Impact Entrepreneurship Group

While he was a still a student at University of Waterloo,  Kunal Gupta co-founded two organizations that are still going strong today:

  • Polar Mobile, a mobile app development company that has created over 1200 apps for clients like the Wired, GQ, Glamour and CBC Sports.
  • The Impact Entrepreneurship group which he formed to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship among students. The annual Impact National Conference brings together 500 high school and university students from across Canada.

The Idea that Sparked a Mobile App Empire

While Kunal was still a student at Waterloo University, Kunal had an idea:

“The idea was to leverage software and the promise of Smartphones to create a platform that made it easy to publish content to a connected device. “This was before the iPhone existed, a year before anyone really knew what an ‘App’ was,” Gupta says.” From this post by Erin Bury on Sprouter.com

The Idea That Sparks Countless Young Entrepreneurs

“With like-minded peers, I started an organization called Impact with the vision of getting young people excited about entrepreneurship.” Kunal speaking to Erin Bury in this post on Sprouter.com.

Key Accomplisments

  • Co-founded Polar Mobile as a part-time job while a he was a student at Waterloo University
  • Developed a global brand for Polar Mobile, 1200 Aps and 11M subscribers
  • Has a team of 50 mobile developers based in Toronto
  • Founded the Impact Entrepreneur group to create a new generation of entrepreneurs
  • Recognized as a Global Citizen by the United Nations, Alumnus of the Year at Shad Valley and Ernst & Young’s Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Kunal is Toronto Tech Royalty

Kunal has been featured numerous times on Techvibes.com. The image for this post is from this post by Dan Verhaeghe.


Ahmad Nassri

Ahmad Nassri

Ahmad NassriAhmad Nassri is a #TOtechninja because…

He’s a creative technologist, disruptive thinker, restless problem solver and one of most socially networked tech ninjas in Toronto. Ahmad has worked as lead developer at Kobo, RIM, Viigo and Right Sleeve. Plus he’s started two online businesses.

Code in Chaos logoCode in Chaos

Ahmed started Code in Chaos, a Toronto-based web development company that specializes in Web and Mobile application development.  He’s an open source evangelist and fan of the Ubuntu OS.

Mira Vitae

MiraVitae.com example

Screen Capture from MiraVitae.com

Ahmed also co-founded and architected the framework for  Mira Vitae, an innovative story-making website. People can collaborate with friends to tell stories via their social networks. This is a great way to record and capture your memories from big events like weddings or a trip.

Here’s how they describe Toronto on the Mira Vitae Careers page:

The Mira Vitae team calls downtown Toronto home.  It’s a reserved city, out of the spotlight of the big start-up hubs, but with one of the most supportive, and collaborative tech communities you’ll ever find.


  • Ahmad proves that age is no barrier to succeeding in the Toronto tech community
  • It helps to work with a few startups and learn the ropes before you start your own
  • Be generous with your tech ninja knowledge – we love the “Ask us anything” contact page on Code in Chaos.