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Stafflink is a boutique IT staffing company that was founded in 2002 by Tim Collins, a University of Waterloo alumni with a passion for technology. We’re great at IT staffing because it’s the only thing we do. If you’re looking for programmers with a particular mix of niche skills and experience, we get it. And we’ll get you the right person fast!

Clients ask how I inspire our recruiters to work all hours of the day and even weekends to fulfill job requirements. I think it’s because it’s a team decision every time we hire someone new. We’re great at hiring motivated people with a strong work ethic because we’re that way too.

Tim Collins

President and Chief Connector, Stafflink Solutions Ltd.

Tim Collins speaks at Stafflink's 10th anniversary party

Tim Collins speaks at Stafflink’s 10th anniversary party

Superhero IT recruiter

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Work hard, play harder

We love to get together to try something fun and challenging — like the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower!

We always return to the office with tons of energy and motivation after these events.

We’ve done improv at Second City, skiing at Craigleith, tree-top trekking at Horseshoe Valley, zip lining and Segways at Blue Mountain. And tons of karaoke (go Neil!).

What’s next?

Stafflink Gives Back

At Stafflink we love to participate in charity events and make a contribution to our community.

We support the work that Spinal Cord Injury Ontario does to make our community accessible for everyone. We have a blast at their Ski and Snowboarding Day. We’re huge fans of Houselink and the work they do to provide people with afford housing. We love Houselink’s Sip’N’Savour event. We support the Regent Park School of Music by attending their annual Cresendo event. We have supported the United Way Toronto & York Region buy sponsoring the Seneca College Golf Tournament. HoHoTO is another great annual event that Stafflink supports to raise money every Christmas for the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Tim Collins, Chief Connector, 416-364-2300, timc@stafflink.ca

Tim Collins, Chief Connector, 416-364-2300, timc@stafflink.ca

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