Hire IT Staff Now – We quickly contact, qualify and shortlist top candidates for you

Stafflink brings you a aster and more efficient way to hire people with specialized technology skills. Chances are we already know the person you need to hire. We’ll put you in touch with them right away!
Stafflink's Technology Staffing Services

We make it easy for your to hire the best IT talent within your budget

In step one of our recruitment process we make sure that we clearly understand the skills and experience you are looking for. In step 2, we source the best available IT talent for your role and shortlist candidates so you only meet the best.

Here are some of the services we offer to streamline your hiring process and make sure that you hire the right person:

Sourcing and Recruiting

When we get the green light to work on your job requirement, we assign a team to plan the best strategy to fill your role.

We decide who to call first to look for referrals, whether to post the job, and where to focus our search.

We reach out to people with first hand knowledge of the potential candidate’s on-the-job performance because this is by far the most reliable way to predict their future performance.

After reviewing 5o or 60 resumes, we reach out to the most promising candidates. These candidates enter a multi-level screening funnel that includes:
Screening and qualifying candidates with a Skype video interview

  • Telephone screening to find out if the candidate is interested, available and within your salary range
  • Face-to-face interview at our office or via Skype for technical skills screening and behavioral profiling
  • Technical testing onsite at our office upon request

Present You with Shortlist Candidates

We value your time, so we only present you with a shortlist of top candidates that are qualified for the job and will be a good fit for your corporate culture.

Now you will meet the candidates that interest you. When you decide to make a job offer, we will handle the reference checks, background checks, credit checks, and credential checks if you want us to manage these for you.
Newly hired computer programmer.

Negotiating, Onboarding, Ongoing Support

When you make your final selection, we will do everything in our power to make sure that the candidate accepts your offer.

We take care of negotiations about salary and any other work arrangements.

We are there to help you onboard the candidate to your team,and long after to make sure that everything continues to go well.

Step 3: We make sure that you hire the right person