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I just discovered a Toronto techie (aka TOtechninja) that created an app that definitely falls in the “Why didn’t I think of that” category. Maybe that’s how you know your app idea is a good one. It just seems so obvious after it gets built. Like it should have always existed.

That’s how it is with the app released this month by Liam Kaufman.

We’ve all experienced it. Sitting in a classroom as a teacher explains a critical concept and you completely miss the point. You look around at other students to see if they’re getting it, maybe roll your eyes or shrug your shoulders. But the teacher doesn’t notice.

Liam Kaufman developed a brilliant app to address that problem. With, students can anonymously click a “Confused” button to let the prof or teacher know that they need more explanation. Then when they get it, they click “Understood”. The prof tracks the understanding level of the class in real-time and adjusts the content of the lecture accordingly.

The Inspiration

Toronto-based software developer Liam Kaufman came up with the idea for in December 2011 while studying computer science at the University of Toronto. “I didn’t want to look like an idiot by saying I was confused in front of two hundred classmates,” he said. He created a prototype on his own time and showed a professor, who eagerly agreed to test it in his first-year computer class. Source:


Every cloud has a silver lining. And by silver lining I mean an opportunity to create a cool app.

If you’re struggling with something, chances are that lots of other people are too. A TOtechninja looks for a way to harness smartphone communication power to slay the problem with a killer app. Ayyy-YA!

Let’s think of an example. Hmmm… Say I’m shopping at Loblaws and I need to find some French’s Onion Rings to make my grandma’s green beans casserole recipe. Why don’t they have an app to hook me up with the nearest store clerk that knows the answer? Someone should build that.

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