Before choosing these very important staffers, I’d considered other agencies… but someone in my network referred me to Stafflink.

My choice? Stafflink.

Let me explain — we got approval on the demo project by the board of directors for Timewyse. Then we needed permanent help. Stafflink was there with the assist for that too.  Permanent tech staff for the full application.

Stafflink came through for me there, too… finding the right skill sets matched with the right people to come on board permanently.

Keith Beckly

Getting the technical help we needed, “that fast,” at the busiest time of year was magical … thanks Stafflink!

Roy Hart

After in-depth interviews with four other staffing firms — I chose Stafflink. Two reasons: time and money. They did not disappoint. Within one week Stafflink had a re-hire in place, allowing us to remain focused on our core competencies. As you can imagine, our total savings were thousands of dollars.

Tony Simopoulos
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