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Top IT Programming Skills in DemandThe biggest challenge our clients face is finding people with the right skills

Here’s how we solve that problem:

Referrals: We draw from a huge network of technology specialists that we’ve been nurturing since we founded Stafflink in 2002.

Boolean search techniques to mine social media and the web for technology experts. Our recruiting team is trained with the latest Boolean search techniques to uncover people with the most in-demand and difficult to find IT skills.

We know technology: Technology staffing is the only kind of staffing we do. After placing over 1000 technology staff in jobs with our clients, we know how to place the right person an IT role.

Social networking: The best place to find technology specialists is in the places they go to solve problems and share their expertise with other experts. Places like Github, Bitbucket and programming language user forums.  We meet lots of people on LinkedIn through our Stafflink company page and LinkedIn special interest groups.

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