Case Study: Stafflink helps Seneca College staff a critical project during a major holiday

Getting the technical help we needed, “that fast,” at the busiest time of year was magical … thanks Stafflink!

 Just as Seneca offers more than education, ITS offers more than Information Technology — our team of dedicated and talented people are redefining IT in higher education …

Seneca students stand out in a constantly moving and accelerating change of pace globally.

How do we accomplish this?

Our strategy is simple. Keep up with technology and always deliver an exceptional experience to our students through teaching and culture.

Roy Hart, Chief Information Officer, Seneca College

Ontario, Canada is a major hub in the highly competitive global IT industry.

8,000 uniquely qualified Seneca students graduate into this hub every year, maintaining a 95% employer satisfaction rating.

How does Seneca do it?

Co-operative Education Program

Seneca’s Co-operative Education programs allow students to integrate academic learning with practical work experience.

By providing their students with top-quality, industry-driven courses and labs, and staying on top of technology trends.

Staying on top means rolling out updates over holidays … and finding the people qualified to do so.

Seneca’s major holiday conversion

Major, because these are the systems driving future employment possibilities.

Here’s the story

Back in December of 2012, 25,000 Seneca College students were preparing for time off during the holiday season… and IT staff was preparing for a major hardware/software conversion.

Now, with only three weeks to go, they were down to the wire. Time was running out.

Two short–term contractors were required for three weeks. And those 2 people had to be up to speed in 3 days time!

It was a tight timeline, at a busy time of year.

The hunt began

Case Study: Finding the needle in the haystack

Staffing a major technology project during a major holiday was kind of like finding the needle in a haystack

Following regulations, Seneca got in touch with five different staffing agencies.

How did they wind up choosing Stafflink?

Simple really … Seneca was looking for: accountability, reliability, and confidentiality.

A fast turnaround was also going to be ‘key.’

Stafflink got busy. 3 days later, Seneca was starting the project. Working through the holidays, the end result was a successful implementation.

Most people would agree, the trifecta of a great job placement includes:

  1. Meeting all project initiatives
  2. Minimal business disruption
  3. Advancing competitive advantage.

Stafflink does this with their people networking skills and more …

“More” includes having an open book on rates, margins, and processes.

In addition, they have that all-important insider knowledge, IT expertise, and what Stafflink’s president, Tim Collins, likes to call ‘Boolean voodoo.’

Is your company’s talent your competitive advantage? Then how you find and assign that talent is the greatest leverage you have to boost your return on investment.

Here at Stafflink, we’re known for …

  • Total staffing experience: 48 years
  • Total IT experience: 24 years
  • Delivering the right talent for the job in record time.

We’re not really magical. But we’d be happy to deliver your next success story.

Tim Collins, Founder and President, Stafflink Solutions

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