Case Study: Staffing the Rememory iPhone app project for Timewyse

How we got 100% satisfaction on our ‘app’ rollout with IT help we can count on

Growing up fast!

Children grow up too fast!

Aaaah memories… sweet dreams really are made of them.

That’s certainly true when it comes to your children. Nothing gives parents greater pleasure than looking back… or having a “rememory.” Children grow up so fast!

Capturing those moments quickly… and for all time, needed to be made easy. Now it is.

Rememory is the name of the new application. Timewyse is the start-up bringing it to the world.

Recording your children’s greatest moments. Having those recordings available to you anywhere and any time! Rememory makes it easy. Kick starting those pleasant memories all over again for you, with just a few simple clicks on the web or your smartphone.

But before Rememory could be offered to you (the public) it had to be approved by a board of directors for production.

Two Big Challenges

Keith Beckley, Timewyse President, faced two big challenges getting to the production step:

Their in-house team did not have the skill sets needed for this particular project.

This was a pilot project; so permanent staff were not necessary for proof of concept.

Where would you start?

Agencies call companies like Timewyse all the time. Most recruiters call over a specific candidate. But when you’re looking for a crack team to make things happen quickly…

Here’s what Beckley had to say:

“Before choosing these very important staffers, I’d considered other agencies… but someone in my network referred me to Stafflink.”

“My choice?”


“Let me explain — we got approval on the demo project by the board of directors for Timewyse. Then we needed permanent help. Stafflink was there with the assist for that too.  Permanent tech staff for the full application.”

“Stafflink came through for me there, too… finding the right skill sets matched with the right people to come on board permanently.”

Now, when Keith has a new position to fill, he goes to Stafflink first and sees what they have for him. Like any good businessman, he’s always prepared to go elsewhere if necessary. But Beckley says he doesn’t bother using any other recruiters now. No need.

What was it about Stafflink that impressed you the most Keith?

“Within a couple of days, Stafflink would provide me with multiple candidates to be interviewed. One or two were acceptable in every group of candidates provided.”

“Ryan, my contact – is incredibly personable, and really genuine. Walks the walk. Takes the time and trouble to ensure I’m meeting correct candidates. Presents them really well. Follows up. Doesn’t pressure.”

“Ryan’s filled over 10 positions for me over the last two years… and presented me with multiple exceptional candidates… making it much easier to choose the right person!”

“By the way… Stafflink is consistently able to provide multiple candidates to fit the bill. You always feel comfortable making your pick.”

“The process of hiring new staff has uncertainty and anxiety attached to it. When you have some great multiple choices in candidates that all goes away. You’re left with clarity. The decision becomes much easier. Less stress all around.”

“It may sound corny going on about Ryan, since that’s how the job is supposed to be handled, but honestly, you don’t often find service like that in the real world.”

Keith didn’t hesitate when asked for a recommendation:

Stafflink came through for us in a big way!

Message from Stafflink President, Tim Collins:
Here at Stafflink, ALL of our staff has a vested interest in seeing you do well. Call me to discuss how we can move your project forward. The right skill sets. The right people. The right time.

Need help with staffing? Call Tim (416) 364-2300