Case Study: Stafflink helps Metavera replace a key team player in one week

How did this global car-sharing company save thousands of dollars … and a week’s worth of headaches?

Metavera - Transportation Technology to Drive Your Business

Metavera provides innovative car sharing technologies for reservations, membership management, fleet management and automated billing. Visit for more information about their solutions for sustainable transportation.

What do you get when you mash together public transit systems with sustainable transportation, and then serve it all up online?

Metavera. Car sharing since 2000.

Let’s face it. Living in a heavily populated area, public transit is cheap and convenient, compared to car ownership.

Young people these days are paying ever-higher rates for gas and insurance. The average price of gas in the general Toronto area this past summer, for instance, was about $1.34 a litre, hitting $1.42 by end of summer driving season …

Expensive. Even for working adults.

Reduced job prospects and high debt loads right out of college, have many young people choosing to opt out of owning a car. A car that would come in mighty handy when you need to attend a close friend’s wedding … at a quaint country inn, a couple of hundred miles away.

Car sharing is the solution — giving you cost savings AND convenience!

Case Study: Time is Money, canadian dollar and clock

Time is money. Metavera spent 75 hours finding a single hire that quit after 6 weeks. Stafflink replaced that person in one week.

Metavera once spent over 75 hours finding a single hire, only to have that person quit after 6 weeks.

Metavera installs and maintains global systems to deliver reservations, membership and fleet management, peer-to-peer car sharing, and automated billing.

Naturally, Metavera needs the BEST staff possible to run those systems. That only makes good sense, both for productivity AND cost savings.

But, much like trying to find the proverbial “needle-in-a-haystack,” finding the right team player can be tough.

Why I called Stafflink …

After in-depth interviews with four other staffing firms — I chose Stafflink. 2 Reasons: time and money … They did not disappoint. Within one week Stafflink had a re-hire in place, allowing us to remain focused on our core competencies. As you can imagine, our total savings were thousands of dollars.

Tony Simopoulos, Metavera’s Founder and President

With no staffing issues to worry about, Metavera can continue to do what they do best — closing car sharing deals around the globe.

What makes the team at Stafflink different?

Our recruiting team consists of all handpicked Boolean search experts, with a combined:

  • 24 years technology experience
  • 48 years as recruiting specialists
  • Including programming experience.

In addition …

  • We do 5 levels of screening with each candidate!
  • Stafflink’s customer success rate… 95%
  • We’re happy to help!

Tim Collins, Founder and President, Stafflink

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