Boolean Search Secrets for Recruiters

Find Candidates You Can’t Find on Job Boards

Sorting through thousands of job applicationsIf Internet recruiting feels like finding a needle in a haystack, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a series of articles where we share our best Boolean search secrets for finding passive IT job candidates online.

Topics: Mining Google and LinkedIn for passive candidates, Boolean search secrets and more.

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Boolean Search Secrets for Becoming a Master RecruiterA popular ebook written by one of Stafflink’s Chief IT recruiters. You’ll see real life examples of actual Boolean search strings that our recruiters use to source difficult-to-find job candidates. You can easily modify these search strings for your own searches…

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Get more out of LinkedIn with Google Site Search

Using Google Site Search String to Find Job CandidatesAn explanation of Google Site Search. Discover a search string that allows you to search through one website at a time to reveal candidates that may not be accessible through the site’s own search feature. Includes three tips to get even more out of your site searches…

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Boolean Search Tips: On the Hunt for IT Candidates

Boolean Search Tips: On the Hunt for IT Job CandidatesWhen it comes to technology recruiting the best candidates aren’t easily found. Locate great candidates using the “inurl” Search Syntax. This tells Google and other major search engines to only return pages with a particular word, like “resume” or “cv” for instance, in in the website address…

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Tip me Tuesday: Boolean Search Strings Part 2

Searching for CandidatsThe Search Syntax “filetype” allows you to identify the type of file you are looking for. This can help you narrow your search results to target resumes or CVs. Find out how to combine “filetype:” with the “inurl:” syntax to further target your search for potential job candidates that are hidden online…

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Tip me Tuesday: Boolean Search Strings Part 3

Sharing Boolean Search Secrets for Recruiting Job CandidatesHere’s another super secret tip that will help you access even more of those difficult-to-find candidates with niche skill sets. Google indexes and caches all web pages. Learn how to access a webpage even after it has been taken down or while it is under maintenance by using a helpful search syntax called “cache”…

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Flip Flip Hooray: Boolean Search Strings Part 4

Find Out How to Use Flip Search to Source Job CandidatesHere’s another little known search technique called Flip Search. Using a little known search engine called ‘Exalead’ and the power of flip search, you can track candidates resumes from the websites of their past employers, educational institutes or their social media profiles (think LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook)…

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Tip me Tuesday: Boolean Search Strings Part 5

Long Tail Google Searches for Sourcing Passive Job CandidatesYou can extend the reach of your job candidate searches even further by using multiple search engines. What’s the best search engine to use for recruiting purposes? Use this list of limitations and commands to help you determine which search engine to use and how to create an effective search string for each engine…

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Metasearch Engines: Boolean Search Strings Part 6

Finding your job candidates on Google and other search enginesUsing a variety of search engines is essential as a recruiter, but metasearch engines will help make your life easier by amalgamating information from multiple search engines. Here are tips to supercharge your searches by creating Boolean search strings for metasearch engines…

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What’s a Synonym for Synonym? Boolean Search Strings Part 7

Using Keyword Synonyms to Search for Job CandidatesBeing a recruiter means knowing as many synonyms as possible for various skills, job categories, and job titles. Learn about Google’s “tilde”/ “~” command to save time and improve the quality of your search results. Tips to help you become a keyword specialist too…

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