About Stafflink

We help companies hire IT talent

Stafflink is boutique IT staffing company founded in 2002 by Tim Collins,  a University of Waterloo alumni with a passion for technology.

We’re really good at IT staffing because it’s the only thing we do. If you’re looking for programmers with a particular mix of niche skills and experience, we get it. And we’ll get you the right person fast.

Clients ask how I get our recruiters to work all hours of the day and night and even weekends to fill their job requirements. I think it’s because every time we hire someone new, it’s a team decision. Our team is great at hiring motivated people with a strong work ethic because we’re that way too.

We’re connectors — linking companies that have complex problems to solve with specialized IT professionals that hold the key to solutions.

We’re sourcers — we connect our clients with talented local technology specialists through a combination of Boolean detective work, relationships and networking.

We’re obsessed with quality — we thoroughly screen every candidate and we guarantee that you will be happy with our placements